You will find many definitions for what exceptional leadership looks like. In fact, exceptional leadership can often times be relative to the environment of the leader. However, I have noticed that there seems to be three trends which are present with exceptional leadership.  First, exceptional leadership begins with a Purpose, being the foundation. Second, exceptional leaders have a timeless Vision, or communicating dreams into reality, and third exceptional leaders inspire great Action, which are the results of a purpose being fulfilled through a timeless vision.


Having a well defined Purpose is a critical foundation to exceptional to leadership. Purpose is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. In other words, this is your “WHY”. When you relate purpose to yourself or to your leadership, the question is “WHY” are you here? “WHY” do you even bother? “WHY” do you lead? This is far beyond just making money, or having a secure job. We are not talking about management, this is exceptional leadership. Exceptional leaders are compelled by something greater that just monetary gain. Exceptional leaders are compelled by a clear, well define Purpose. This is the first step for taking your leadership to the next level, and even understanding “WHY” you yourself exists, is defining your purpose in life.

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Exceptional leadership begins with a strong and well defined purpose in life. After understanding that purpose, the next step is knowing “HOW” will you employ that purpose into others, an organization, or a cause. This is where establishing a clear Vision comes into play. Vision is about “communicating dreams into reality”. As a leader, it will be important for you to be able to communicate to others not only “WHY” you are doing something, but also “HOW” you will accomplish it. Exceptional leaders, whom are driven by their strong sense of purpose, can enable followers by connecting them together through the pursuit of a timeless Vision.

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Leading others with a strong sense of purpose and meaning, delivered in an emotionally expressive manner through a Vision, leaders may inspirationaly motivate others to perform beyond expectations, resulting in extraordinary Action.

Many people focus similarly on results, or performance in organization. I am not saying that is not important. In fact, that is the primary method that organizations (for-profit and non-profit) measure success. However, what I am saying is that this is backwards. As a leader, this should not be the primary focus. If you focus on your purpose, as well communicating a contagious vision for those around you, then the result will be extraordinary action for your team and your organization. This is what will help you to achieve your measure of success and performance that you need.

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My purpose for writing this is so that you can spend time in front of God asking him to reveal your purpose in life to you. I pray that God can use you to authentically lead with Purpose and Vision to produce extraordinary Action!

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