A purpose statement is a declarative sentence which summarizes one’s purpose in life.

I established the following purpose statement at the start of my doctoral program in 2013. This has undergone a few revisions, but has stayed relatively consistent since that time. I have also included a list of specific tasks that I will give me practical reminders to help me continue my purpose in life. Here is my personal, purpose statement:

Model the example of Jesus Christ in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord for my family and circles of influence, consistently serve others by helping them to find their purpose, excel in their callings, and grow in their relationship with God.

I will accomplish my purpose statement by:

  • Modeling Jesus Christ’s example, and letting everything that I say, do, touch and have influence over be honoring to God.
  • Helping others to find their purpose life by mentoring and developing them to become more effective as leaders within their callings.
  • Leading within Higher Education, helping institutions become the most effective environment for others to find their purpose and callings.
  • Building Trust relationships with the current and future people I meet.
  • Growing in my knowledge and effectiveness as a Transformational Leader.
  • Growing in my experience as a teacher of the bible in order to introduce others into a relationship and life with Jesus Christ.
  • Passion is something that I will pass on …. I will do it with God’s love!

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