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People and organizations function best when they have a clear and defined purpose. Today, leaders must not only be exceptional administrators with high levels of emotional intelligence, but they must also possess a strong sense of purpose that is aligned to a greater cause. This website and blog has been created in order to share stories, encourage transformational leadership, promote lifelong learning, and to assist you in identifying your purpose in life, all while pointing you to Jesus Christ.

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Purpose – Why I do What I do

Each Tuesday afternoon we have a meeting in the International Affairs division at Dallas Baptist University. The purpose of this meeting is to Encourage, Inspire, Pour Into, and Enable our teams in their leadership and their individual purposes within our division.

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Great Leadership Works through Emotions

Great Leadership Works through Emotions

A very important element of my personal leadership philosophy is based upon the concepts of emotional intelligence. My understanding for emotional intelligence derives from the work of Daniel Goleman’s through his book Emotional Intelligence (1995) and also his joint work

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Purpose is not a Magic Word

Purpose is the guiding principle for why something is done. When you understand your purpose in life, and how it is connected with your vocation, a particular project, or task, these things take on an entirely new shape. Understanding the

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